Power, Oil & Gas

VTM provides quality products well suited for the Power and Petroleum industry. From the product perspective, VTM is a leading butterfly / Gate / Ball & Check valve manufacturer to serve the Power and Oil & Gas Industry. VTM has developed a fully integrated and innovative product portfolio engineered to meet the needs and expectations of its customers.

VTM has core strength in Design and technical expertise to produce world class products that improve performance and reduce environmental risk in this highly critical and demanding industry.

The VTM design team uses the latest technology to ensure every product will perform optimally. Prototypes are then put through a stringent Validation process to guarantee the design process was successful. Individual materials and assemblies are subjected to a rigorous testing procedure prior to production release. After assembly each valve is tested prior to dispatch from the factory. All products are certified for their capabilities, i.e. flow capacity, fire safe, etc.

At VTM, we are committed towards “Pioneering Fluid Controls”.